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Telephone: 01695 736000

Sandy Lane Health Centre, Westgate, Skelmersdale. Lancs. WN8 8LA

Railway Road Surgery, 11 Railway Road, Ormskirk, Lancs. L39 2DN

Hillside Health Centre, Tanhouse Road, Skelmersdale. Lancs WN8 6DS

North Meols Medical Centre, Church Road, Banks Southport PR9 8ET

Email:  Fax: 01695 556144

Surgery Closed? Not an emergency? Not sure what to do?   CALL 111

What are the problems that you could face?

Forgotten History

There may be something in your history you don’t want any family members to see.  It might be information you had put to the back of your mind and are now confronted with it!

Bad News

You may read some bad news before the doctor has seen it.

Abnormal Results

Results may be abnormal and cause you to worry


A chest x-ray may show a shadow and ? cancer

What should you do! - The alternatives are the same for all three.

Ring the surgery and ask for a telephone consultation

If out of hours, don't look at the results if you are prone to worry - wait until the surgery opens before checking

Speak with NHS Direct - 0845 46 47 (available 24 hours)

Ring Surgery for out of hours number

Ring A&E only if you are feeling really unwell

Remember had you not had access you would not have known the results until either the doctor / Practice contacted you or you rang for the results

3rd party information

You might want to tell the doctor something about your spouse/partner/child etc in confidence.

If the doctor records the information and the patient then sees this it could cause problems.

If the doctor doesn’t vital information may get lost or forgotten

The information may be malicious and again cause problems


When is a child not a child?

Some children may be 12 years old but appear to be much more mature whilst others could be 18 years old but are still relatively immature

At what age should children have their own passwords?

What about a teenage girl who wants contraception but doesn’t want her parents to know?