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Railway Road Surgery, 11 Railway Road, Ormskirk, Lancs. L39 2DN

Hillside Health Centre, Tanhouse Road, Skelmersdale. Lancs WN8 6DS

North Meols Medical Centre, Church Road, Banks Southport PR9 8ET

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The Minor Surgery Service is now operating!



Surgeons: MDr S Biswas, Mrs Lesley Grundy

Clinic Staff: Della Tunstall

Service Manager: Jill Foster

Procedures that we can perform:


-  Sebaceous and epidermal cysts

-  Lipoma – site and size within the limits of excision under local  anaesthetic

-  Basal Cell Carcinoma (low risk) – As per British Association of  Dermatologists Guidelines

-  Actinic keratoses (Solar keratoses)

-  Symptomatic Seborrhoeic keratosis

-  Symptomatic Intradermal naevi  

-  Dermatofibromas

-  Papilloma

-  Pyogenic granulaoma  

-  Cherry angioma

-  Cold Abcess

-  Benign Cystic Skin Lesions

-  Nail excision/avulsion

-  Wedge resection with phenolisation

-  Melancystic navei (excluding face)  

-  Biopsy/Punch Biopsy (excluding face)


-  Shoulder

-  Carpel Tunnel  (conservative treatment)

-  De quervains syndrome

-  Trigger finger

-  Tennis elbow

-  Golfers elbow

-  Plantar fascitis

-  Knee

-  Small hand joints

-  Metatarsalgia

-  Trochanteric bursitis

Procedures not suitable for this service:

Lesions in certain areas are clearly not suitable for this service, including those likely to:

-  Leave cosmetically sensitive scars

-  Cause problems with ocular closure

-  Need skin grafts or flaps to cover resulting defects

Lesions on sites of the body where nerves are superficially situated and may easily be divided are not suitable, these include:

-  Lateral side of the popliteal fossa

-  The posterior triangle of the neck

-  Pre-auricular region and side of the jaw

The above lesions should be referred to Secondary Care along with the following:

-  Any definite or strongly suspected malignancy

-  Non Truncal basal cell carcinoma

-  Squamous cell carcinoma

-  Malignant melanoma

-  Cutaneous lymphoma


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