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Our links with Aspire Pharmacy.

Why did  you open a pharmacy in the building?

The seed was sown by a patient who suggested this would be far more convenient for patients.
One of the most common actions we do in the practice is to prescribe medications, the medications are dispensed by pharmacies.  A pharmacy in the building meant that this element of care was effectively one stop. If a prescription needed amending or there were supply problems this could be rectified without the patient (often unwell) would not have to make two journeys.
We want patients to have ready access to a pharmacy that is open long hours as this was an identified need in Ormskirk.
We wanted a pharmacy that could focus on delivering more clinical services.

Many new health centre developments have Gps and Pharmacies allied in the same buildings, this is not a new concept.

Who owns the Pharmacy?

Mr Ali Dalal of Alamaz LTD. The Partners do not have a share in the Pharmacy business

Do patients at Aspire Pharmacy get preferential treatment by the surgery?

No. Repeat signing is done in bulk at the prescribing centre based in Ormskirk. This is done at 8am and 2pm, often by associate GPs who are not allied to Aspire pharmacy.
Many patients are not registered with Beacon Primary Care.
It is undeniable that location does benefit the pharmacy as we speak to the Pharmacy staff regularly and they have to walk 5 metres to our reception if their are any important queries or urgent prescriptions. That said any urgent prescriptions are dealt with on merit and not the pharmacy.

Why do you have a link to Aspire Pharmacy on your website and no others?

For the reasons outlined above we are assured that Aspire’s ethos and our own are similar, the link makes it clear that patients have a choice and this is one of them.
This is not a unique situation as several online Pharmacies have similar arrangements with other practices via their websites indeed one major provider of surgery websites only allows direct online ordering via their hosted sites via a preferred pharmacy. Our online ordering is entirely independent of the Pharmacy and the practice.
Practices like all businesses can choose who they allow to advertise via their website.

Won’t this put other local pharmacies out of business?

Prescription numbers are growing year on year (one estimate is 5%) online only pharmacies have been operating in the area yet Pharmacies have not closed, indeed 2 new pharmacies have opened in addition to Aspire in Ormskirk and Skelmersdale.  If business is affected at other Pharmacies it is minor. We believe that competition has driven up standards and services.

Will this affect the type of medications the practice prescribes to benefit Aspire Pharmacy?

We have worked hard to implement safe cost effective prescribing; our prescribing budget like all practices is monitored independently by the Clinical Commissioning Group.

Do patients have a choice?

Yes patients can choose any pharmacy.
The choice of pharmacy will not affect care.